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Long time evolution

What is Nugz Blacky?

Behind Nugz Blacky stand Nugz Phantsulaya and Vad Chernishev.

Both are musicians and passionate luthiers. They are turning musical dreams into realities.

Nugz Blacky Custom Guitars are utterly unique.

They offer a beautiful fusion of form and function with exceptional tonal characteristics. These carefully crafted guitars and basses are created by artists, for the artist.

Each instrument is unique and has a unique sound.

You will love it!

Respectfully yours Nugz & Vad

More Than 30 Years of Experience in the World of Guitar Craftsmanship

We proudly present Nugz Blacky Custom Guitars – a brand with over 30 years of experience in guitar manufacturing. Our journey began decades ago, and since then, we have been creating instruments of outstanding quality, reflecting our passion for music and craftsmanship.

Experience Permeates Every Detail

Every guitar crafted under the Nugz Blacky brand reflects our rich history and deep expertise. We know that in creating the perfect guitar, the devil is in the details. Our craftsmen with over 30 years of experience, invest their expertise in every piece of wood, every pickup and every setup.

Innovations Inspired by Experience

Our years of experience have allowed us not only to excel in traditional methods but also to integrate innovations that make our guitars special. We constantly seek new ways to enhance sound, design and playing experience, always maintaining the same passion and dedication that originally inspired us.

In-Depth Study of Acoustic Characteristics:

We are also proud of our more than 10 years of collaboration with the company Warwick and real work with Lakewood guitar company. This experience has allowed us to delve into the study of the unique acoustic characteristics of wood and its impact on the sound of each guitar. We strike a balance between traditional methods and new research to create instruments that have exceptional sound response, tonal richness and nuance clarity.

Your Musical Journeys – Our Goal

Throughout these years, we have seen musical trends evolve and styles change, but one thing remains constant – our goal to help you express your talent and style through our instruments. Your trust is our inspiration and our experience is your assurance of quality.

We Invite You to Immerse Yourself in the World of Nugz Blacky

Join us in this exciting musical journey where experience and innovation converge to create guitars worthy of true musicians. Nugz Blacky Custom Guitars – your reliable companion on the path to musical excellence.


Just some of our awesome customers

Mathias Desmier

Jolly Roger

Serge Davidov

Eric Lorcey

Olivier Caron


Marco Di Giorgio

Bass Player

Jo Hollow

Session Musician